Kinnula / Kinnunen places

Here are some locations placed on a Google Map. For more detailed search refer to a list below and to: Nimi Kunta Kohteen tyyppi Kinnula Heinävesi Talo Kinnulankangas Heinävesi Metsäalue Kinnulanmäki Heinävesi Kohouma Kinnulanniemi Heinävesi Niemi Kinnulansaari Heinävesi Saari Kinnulansaari Heinävesi Saari Kinnulansalmi Heinävesi Vakaveden osa Kinnulansuo Heinävesi Talo Kinnula Hyrynsalmi Talo Kinnula Hyrynsalmi … [Read more…]

Kinnunen DNA Haplogroups

Haplogroups N and R

According to; The main haplogroup among Kinnunens is probably Y-DNA N (blue line). Found among Uralic speakers, from Finland to Siberia, and at minor frequencies as far as Korea and Japan. In Europe, haplogroup N is only found at high frequencies among modern Finns (58%), Lithuanians (42%), Latvians (38%), Estonians (34%) and northern Russians. Another possible … [Read more…]

Old Maps

On Heikki Rantatupas portal you can search old maps e.g. Viitasaari, Ilmolahti, etc.