Kinnunen DNA Haplogroups

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The main haplogroup among Kinnunens is probably Y-DNA N (blue line). Found among Uralic speakers, from Finland to Siberia, and at minor frequencies as far as Korea and Japan. In Europe, haplogroup N is only found at high frequencies among modern Finns (58%), Lithuanians (42%), Latvians (38%), Estonians (34%) and northern Russians.

Another possible haplogroup found among members in FTDNA Viitasaari DNA Project is Y-DNA R1a (black lines). In Europe this haplogroup is found in Poland (57.5%), Ukraine (40-65%), European Russia (45-65%), Belarus (51%), Slovakia (42%), Latvia (40%), Lithuania (38%), the Czech Republic (34%), Hungary (32%), Norway (27%), Austria (26%), Croatia (24%), north-east Germany (24%) Sweden (19%), and Romania (18%).

Haplogroups N and R

Kinnunen haplogroups: N and R (

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