Kinnunen Genealogy is a site for people interested in origins and kinship of Kinnunen. The objective is to provide information about Kinnunen world wide through this page with links to information about DNA, geography, records, names and other useful information.

Short facts;

  • In year 1200 about 500 people were named Kinnunen!
  • There are today more then 100 places around Finland called Kinnula/Kinnunen!
  • Earliest indication (on this site) of a person named Kinnunen is from 1520!

Administrator of this site is Jari Kinnunen, Halmstad, Sweden, with roots in Pihtipudas/Viitasaari area in central Finland.

Disclaimer: the information on this website should not be read as hard facts, but as an compilation of the most likely and logical information available on the internet. This page is being updated regularly to keep up with recent information. Feel free to leave comments or share your opinion about this page to the administrator